Do You Need One?

water softeners wyoming county, pa As you’ve probably already noticed as a resident of eastern Pennsylvania, we’ve got hard water here. In fact, most of our region’s groundwater is hard water. What makes water hard? Minerals, mostly. Fortunately, there’s a solution for hard water. You can probably guess what it is. It’s a water softener.

What’s Wrong with Hard Water?

Hard water can be irritating and affect your plumbing in adverse ways. Here are some of the disadvantages to having hard water and some reasons a water softener can be helpful:

  1. Softer water is better for your plumbing. Hard water and the buildup of minerals it leads to can damage plumbing and valves in your home. That means with softer water you won’t have to spend as much on plumbing repairs.
  2. Many people don’t like the effect bathing with hard water has on their skin and hair. It can lead to dry and irritated skin and hair. Softer water is less irritating to the skin and hair.
  3. When hard water leads to a buildup of minerals in your pipes, it can lower the efficiency of your water heater as well as your boiler. That means with softer water your energy costs are lower.
  4. Hard water can also cause damage to your water heater’s storage tank and cause it to fail. With softer water your water heater should last longer. In a similar way, softer water will also be better for the longevity and effectiveness of your washing machine and dishwasher.

Water Softeners

Ace-Robbins sells, installs, and services Master water softeners. We consider them to be the best and most durable water softeners available. How do they work? They’re installed near the point at which water enters your home. In this way, you’re only treating the water you use inside your home and not the water that will be used outside for things like watering your lawn or washing your car. Your water softer will have a mineral tank that contains negatively charged resin beads. Much of what makes your water hard are positively charged calcium and magnesium ions. As you may remember from science class, opposites attract. So as the water passes through the mineral tank, the positive mineral ions get bonded to the negatively charged resin, and what continues on is soft water for use in your home. There’s a regeneration cycle that flushes away the mineral ions and cleans the mineral tank whenever the resin becomes saturated so that it can continue to soften your water.

Do You Have Hard Water?

Wondering if you have hard water? Most Pennsylvania residents do. But here are some signs that you’ve got hard water:

If you’re in the market for a water softener, come to Ace-Robbins and we’ll help you pick the right Master water softener for your home. We’re here to serve residents of Bradford County, Lackawanna County, Luzerne County, Susquehanna County, Sullivan County, and Wyoming County.

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A Cleaner & More Efficient Alternative

low sulfur heating oil Tunkhannock, pa At Ace-Robbins we provide our customers with dependable and affordable heating oil delivery that keeps them warm all winter long. That’s something you can count on and appreciate during a winter like the one we’re having this year. We’ve already seen record-breaking cold in some areas. When the temps drop, you want to know that you have a heating oil supplier you can trust to keep you and your family warm and comfortable in your Pennsylvania home.

In addition to dependable and affordable delivery services, Ace-Robbins allows you to choose from several delivery options. We offer a free automatic delivery service that greatly reduces the risk of having a run-out. For those customers whose tanks qualify, we offer wireless tank monitor leasing for a nominal fee. And for customers who prefer to keep a watchful eye on their own tank and call for delivery when they’re running low, we have a will-call delivery option too. At Ace-Robbins, you can pick the delivery option that works best for you.

Our Heating Oil Is Cleaner & More Efficient

Progress is everywhere, and the oil heat industry is no different. The products currently available are cleaner and more efficient than their predecessors. This is in part due to significantly lower sulfur levels.

Several years ago, Pennsylvania required a transition to a low-sulfur blend that would require a 75% reduction in the sulfur content of heating oil. Because of our commitment to the environment and the well-being of our customers, Ace-Robbins did above and beyond what was required. Our heating oil contains 99% less sulfur than standard heating oil.

Ace-Robbins is a leader in providing the best heating oil product in Pennsylvania. So in addition to great service, you get a superior heating oil product when you’re one of our customers. The heating oil we deliver has an ultra-low sulfur content. That means that every gallon of heating oil we put in your tank will burn more cleanly and with lower emission levels than standard heating oil. And since ultra-low-sulfur heating oil leaves fewer deposits on heat exchanges, you’ll also enjoy better efficiency and easier maintenance. So you’ll be saving money as well as doing something positive for the environment just by being our heating oil customer.

A Closer Look at Low-Sulfur Heating Oil

Low-sulfur heating oil is better than traditional heating oil in a few ways. A buildup of sulfur in your heating system can lead to maintenance issues that cost you money. So using a low-sulfur heating oil will save you money on maintenance costs. You’ll also save money on your energy bills because low sulfur heating oil is more efficient than heating oil with a higher sulfur content. The heating oil Ace-Robbins delivers isn’t just low-sulfur, it’s ultra-low-sulfur. So you get the maximum benefit in terms of better efficiency, lower emissions, and fewer maintenance issues.

Count on Ace-Robbins

Ace-Robbins is the number one home heating oil provider in Tunkhannock, Towanda, Wyalusing, Wysox, Laceyville, Montrose, Clarks Summit, and Scranton. So make us your heating oil provider and get the benefits of using our superior ultra-low-sulfur heating oil.

Contact Ace-Robbins today for more information or to schedule a heating oil delivery.

There’s So Much It Can Do!

why propane Tunkhannock, PA

Have you ever wondered what makes propane such a popular choice for homes like yours in Pennsylvania? Part of propane’s popularity comes from how versatile it is. It’s also energy efficient, which is good for your budget and the environment. So perhaps the question isn’t why is propane so popular, but why isn’t it more popular? It offers so many benefits.

Propane Is Versatile

There’s so much propane can do in and around your home. It can safely and efficiently power appliances inside and outside your home. It offers a professional level of temperature control when cooking. It also powers appliances like water heaters and clothes dryers (and does so more efficiently than electricity). Propane also has a lot of commercial applications. It’s used on construction sites as well as in warehouses and factories for things like heating and generators. And because propane produces low, nontoxic emissions, it’s a popular choice for indoor forklifts, torches, and welding equipment.

Propane Is Eco-Friendly

Propane is actually one of the cleanest-burning options for fuel. For example, according to the Renewable Propane Alliance, using a propane generator versus one that uses diesel or gasoline results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, homes powered by propane produce 30% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than all-electric homes.

Additionally, in the rare event of a leak, propane doesn’t pose a danger to the environment. It doesn’t damage the air, soil, water, plants, or water-based organisms. It simply dissipates. It also won’t damage your home or property in any way.

Propane Is Accessible

America has an abundant supply of propane. In fact, the US is able to export roughly 10 gallons of propane annually. You can always have ample access to propane for you home because you can easily and safely store it on your property. You’re not at the mercy of a utility like natural gas customers are. And using propane helps reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Propane Is Safe

With propane, you can have peace of mind. The strict propane handling guidelines enforced by the National Fire Protection Association have helped propane to maintain a strong safety record. Propane is less combustible than other fuels. It’s also nontoxic. And when Ace-Robbins is your propane provider, you’re in good hands because we always put safety first.

Propane Is Efficient

Propane appliances deliver more value than their electric counterparts because they operate more efficiently and thereby reduce energy costs. Modern propane heating systems can be up to 98% efficient. Propane water heaters work faster than electric water heaters. The same is true of propane clothes dryers. That saves time, money, and energy.

Propane Delivery from Ace-Robbins

You can rely on Ace-Robbins for safe, reliable, and affordable propane delivery. We proudly serve our Pennsylvania customers from Bradford to Wyoming county, from Lackawanna to Luzerne, and from Susquehanna to Sullivan. We also deliver, install, and monitor propane tanks.

Join our family of satisfied customers today. Contact Ace-Robbins for more information on propane delivery or propane tank installation and monitoring.

An Introduction

hvac service pennsylvania HVAC. It’s an acronym that gets used a lot, but have you ever thought about what it means? What exactly does HVAC stand for? The answer is quite simple. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. An HVAC system keeps your home warm during the winter months and cool during the summer months by taking in fresh air and heating or cooling it as necessary using a mechanical ventilation system. A home’s HVAC system also includes control systems and smart thermostats integrated with the heating and cooling equipment so that everything works together. An HVAC system can also regulate your home’s humidity level and improve its air quality.

What HVAC Services Does Ace-Robbins Offer?

When it comes to keeping the HVAC system in your Northeastern Pennsylvania home up and running there’s a lot that Ace-Robbins can do. We provide many products and services that play an essential part in running an HVAC system.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Ace-Robbins is a locally owned and operated company with more than seventy years of experience faithfully serving the families and businesses of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Contact Ace-Robbins today for more information on the HVAC products and services we offer.

What Are the Advantages?

propane tank monitor pennsylvania As someone who lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania, you have a healthy respect for winter. There are things you do during the winter to ensure that you and your family remain safe. You shovel the snow and remove ice from around your home. You wear clothes that protect your body from the elements. And you make sure that you always have enough propane to keep your heating system up and running.

It’s a matter of health and safety to keep your home warm during the winter months. Even when it’s cold and stormy outside, you and your family should be comfortable and safe inside. Ace-Robbins can help with that. We’re here to take care of all your propane needs. In addition to propane delivery, we provide propane tank delivery, installation, and monitoring.

Why Have a Propane Tank Monitor?

There are a lot of conveniences that come with having a propane tank monitor. However, one of the most powerful arguments for why having one is important is that it will help prevent you from having a runout. Anyone who’s ever experienced a propane runout before can tell you what a disaster it can be. First of all, it always tends to happen on the most frigid days. That can put your family’s health and safety at risk. It’s more than inconvenient or uncomfortable to be without heat in the dead of winter. It’s dangerous.

Furthermore, if your tank completely runs out of propane, you’ll need to call in a professional to get your system back up and running again. That’s an expense you can avoid. And you’ll have to wait for their assistance.

However, your propane tank doesn’t have to be completely empty for you to have problems. When the propane level in your tank gets low enough, air gets into your heating system. That can cause expensive damage. As a rule, you shouldn’t let your tank’s propane level go below 20%.

How Does a Propane Tank Monitor Work?

First, Ace-Robbins professionally installs a monitor on your tank. Once it’s installed, you can download our free TankUtility app on your phone or mobile device. The app can give you real-time alerts when your tank is getting low. You’ll be able to see your tank level and track your monthly fuel consumption whenever you want and from anywhere—even while away on vacation! However, you don’t have to be responsible for monitoring your fuel levels. We’ll also monitor your tank level to help prevent runouts. There is a nominal fee associated with leasing the monitor for your tank. But it’s worth the peace of mind you’ll gain by eliminating the guesswork of when you need a fill-up.

Should You Get a Propane Tank Monitor?

Even if you’ve never run out of propane in the past, a propane tank monitor is a good idea. Fuel consumption increases during the winter months, and you’ve got enough to keep up with. Plus, a tank monitor is a great value. You’ll get peace of mind and avoid the costly problems associated with running out of propane for just a nominal monthly fee. Why not let Ace-Robbins take care of all your propane needs with our dependable and affordable service?

Serving Bradford, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Susquehanna, Sullivanm, and Wyoming counties, Ace-Robbins, gives our customers the tools they need to stay on top their propane usage and delivery schedule.

Contact Ace-Robbins today for more information on propane tank monitors or to schedule your next propane delivery.

Is Yours Ready for Winter?

heating system tune up pennsylvania Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the Christmas season has begun. Temperatures in Northeastern Pennsylvania have already taken a significant dip. And colder days are coming. If you haven’t yet, you should refamiliarize yourself with your heating system and make sure it’s ready to keep you and your family comfortable all winter long.

You can count on Ace-Robbins for your comfort. We install and service boilers and furnaces. We also offer both our oil heat and propane customers heating service plans that include an annual preventative maintenance tune-up. Enrollment reduces the risk of an unexpected problem and keeps your heating system operating at peak efficiency for maximum energy savings.

Is It a Boiler or a Furnace?

Hopefully, you already know that boilers and furnaces are two different things. They serve the same purpose (keeping your home warm), but they accomplish it differently.

Not sure whether you’re dealing with a boiler or a furnace? It’s pretty easy to tell the difference. Just look for radiators or vents in the home. If a home has radiators (or baseboards), then it also has a boiler. If a home has vents, then it has a furnace.

An Intro to Boilers

What is a boiler?

A boiler is a hydronic heating system. Hydronic refers to the transfer of heat by circulating water or water vapor (steam) in a closed system of pipes. Your boiler uses hot water or steam to heat your home.

How do boilers work?

A hot water boiler burns fuel to heat water that is then pumped through pipes to baseboards, radiators, in-floor radiant tubing, or other sealed hydronic devices throughout your Pennsylvania home. Then the water returns to the unit and the cycle continues.

With a steam boiler, the process is very similar. However, the water is converted to steam before circulating throughout your home.

What are the benefits of having a boiler?

There are a number of reasons people like and choose boilers for their home. Boilers offer the following benefits: Boilers run fairly quietly. And because they don’t rely on fans or blowers, they don’t add any dust, dirt, or allergens to the air. That’s ideal for anyone with allergies or respiratory concerns.

Are You Ready for Winter?

No one wants the inconvenience or cost of a heating system breakdown on a cold day. In addition to putting your household’s health and safety at risk, a no-heat emergency could lead to frozen or burst pipes. And that could lead to very costly damage to your home.

In addition to protecting against a breakdown, heating system maintenance saves you money all winter long. Every year a heating system doesn’t receive regular professional maintenance, it becomes significantly less efficient. Any loss in efficiency will cause an increase in your fuel and energy bills. Also, a well-maintained boiler should last longer than an unmaintained or undermaintained boiler.

Expert heating service is a must. And you can trust Ace-Robbins with your boiler maintenance. If you enroll in an Ace-Robbins service plan, you’ll automatically get an annual maintenance tune-up for your boiler plus some additional benefits.

Service Plan Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of enrolling in an Ace-Robbins service plan:

Ace-Robbins proudly serves our customers in Bradford, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Susquehanna, Sullivan, and Wyoming County.

Join our family of satisfied customers today. Contact Ace-Robbins for more information or to enroll in a service plan.

Home Heating 101

furnaces pennsylvania Heating season is in full swing in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It’s important to have a general understanding of your home’s heating system. Lots of people use the words “furnace” and “boiler” interchangeably, but they’re not the same. They’re both capable of heating your home, but they go about it in different ways.

Is It a Boiler or a Furnace?

Here’s a quick and easy way to tell which type of heating system a home has. Just look for radiators or vents. If a home has radiators (or baseboards), then it also has a boiler. If a home has vents, then it has a furnace.

You can count on Ace-Robbins for boiler installation, boiler service, furnace installation, and furnace service. We offer sales, installation, and repair services for boilers and furnaces at reasonable rates. We sell and work with both heating oil and propane heating systems.

Let’s take a closer look at furnaces.

About Furnaces

A furnace is a forced air system. Furnaces burn a fuel like heating oil or propane to heat air that a blower fan then pushes through your home through a system of ducts that lead to vents.

Ace-Robbins only recommends the highest quality furnaces to our customers. Is it time to replace yours? Here are some signs it might be time to upgrade to a new more energy-efficient furnace:

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to replace your furnace, Ace-Robbins will perform a free, no-obligation furnace evaluation to help you decide.

Furnace Benefits

Furnaces are a popular heating system among homeowners like you in Northeastern Pennsylvania. There are several advantages to having a furnace.

Here are some of the benefits to having a furnace:

Whether you’re ready to upgrade to a new furnace or need maintenance or repairs for the one you already have, you can trust your heating system to the pros at Ace-Robbins.

Contact Ace-Robbins today and join our family of satisfied customers.

Which One Is Right for Your Home?

water heater options pennsylvania It’s easy to take your water heater for granted when it’s working well. But water heaters are an important part of your home. In fact, your water heater accounts for about 20% of your energy bill.

Because of the important role your water heater plays in the comfort and function of your household, you want to have one that is working well and efficiently.

If it’s time, Ace-Robbins can help you upgrade to a more efficient model. We can also repair or maintain the water heater you already have so that it functions optimally.

Types of Water Heaters

Whether you’re in the market for a new water heater or just want to better understand how the water heater you already have works, here are the basic types of water heaters:

Buyer’s Guide

Ace-Robbins can provide water heater installation and service for all makes and models of traditional, tankless, and indirect water heaters. However, we typically recommend the following:

Water heaters can also use different fuels. Ace-Robbins works with both oil-fired and gas-powered water heaters.

If you’re in the market for a new water heater, we can meet with you to discuss your household’s needs, explain your options, and provide you with a free estimate.

We’re here for you.

Whatever your water heater needs—be it repairs, maintenance, or an upgrade, Ace-Robbins is here for you in Northeastern Pennsylvania in Bradford, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Susquehanna, Sullivan, and Wyoming County.

Contact Ace-Robbins today to learn more about our water heater sales and services or to request a free estimate.

What’s the Big Difference?

propaen or natural gas pennsylvania Across America, people tend to use one of a few fuels to heat their homes—heating oil, natural gas, and propane. Ace-Robbins provides propane delivery and heating oil delivery in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We also provide natural gas services and can handle every step of the natural gas conversion process if you decide to add natural gas as an energy source for your home. If you can choose between natural gas and propane to fuel your home, it’s important that you know the difference between the two. Let’s take a look.

Are Propane Gas and Natural Gas the Same?

Propane and natural gas aren’t identical, but they are related and can do many of the same things. They can both heat your home, fuel a vehicle, and run some of the appliances in and around your home.

Natural gas is a substance that’s found beneath the earth’s surface. Natural gas contains within it other gases that can be removed from it through certain processes. Propane is one of those gases. Natural gas can be a liquid, a compressed gas, or an uncompressed gas.

Propane, also called liquefied petroleum gas (or LPG), is stored as a liquid after it is separated from natural gas during processing. So while they’re related, propane and natural gas are not exactly the same. Let’s explore some of the other ways they are related and different.

Storage & Transportation

For most customers, the most noticeable difference between propane and natural gas is how each is stored and delivered. To have a home that uses natural gas, your neighborhood must have natural gas services. Natural gas is delivered to homes through pipelines overseen by a utility. Unless there is an issue, your supply to natural gas once your home is connected to the pipeline is limitless. There’s no need for delivery. There’s no need for a storage tank.

Propane, on the other hand, is highly portable, so it’s ideal for people who live in remote areas or neighborhoods without natural gas pipelines. It can come in a canister small enough to put in your vehicle (usually to power small appliances like a grill) or it can be delivered to your aboveground or underground storage tank. Propane storage tanks come in a variety of sizes, the largest of which are large enough to satisfy a home that uses hundreds of gallons of propane a month for things like home heating, running appliances, and maintaining a whole-house generator. And while you do need propane to be delivered regularly, Ace-Robbins offers a free automatic delivery service, so you’ll never have to worry about running out. We also offer tank monitors for a nominal fee which let you check your tank’s level from anywhere on your phone or mobile device.

Efficiency & Cost

Both propane and natural gas will run your appliances more efficiently and cost-effectively than electricity will. Which is more cost effective for you depends largely on where you live, so it’s wise to do your homework. Propane usually costs more than natural gas, but it’s also capable of generating about twice the heat. Getting a new natural gas line installed costs more than getting a new propane tank, but it could save you money on your energy bills in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Both natural gas and propane offer you many of the same advantages. They both provide efficient and comfortable home heating. They can both power appliances like water heaters and clothes dryers more efficiently than electricity. And they both offer you precise temperature control when cooking.

Whichever you choose for or use in your home, Ace-Robbins can help. We offer safe, reliable, and affordable propane delivery as well as propane tank installation and monitoring. We can also help you through the process of converting your home to natural gas while adhering to the highest standards of safety. We also install, maintain, and repair both propane and gas boilers, furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, and hearths.

Join our family of satisfied customers today. Contact Ace-Robbins for more information on the propane and natural gas services we offer.

heating oil supplier pennsylvania Heating season has begun. We’ve already seen the temperatures dip here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This is the season when your furnace or boiler has to start working harder and harder to keep you and your family comfortably warm. It’s also the season when your need for heating oil is going to increase.

If you’re an Ace-Robbins customer, you’ve got a heating oil provider you can trust. Our dependable and affordable heating oil delivery service will keep you warm all winter long.

Ace-Robbins delivers ultra-low-sulfur heating oil that burns more cleanly than traditional heating oil and produces fewer emissions. So you can feel good about using it in your Pennsylvania home. Let’s take a closer look at what heating oil is and why it’s a good choice for your home.

Where Does Heating Oil Originate From?

Heating oil comes from crude oil that has gone through a refining process called distillation. During the process of distillation, hydrocarbons are removed from the crude oil and become a substance that can be further purified and blended to make the heating oil that fuels your home’s furnace or boiler.

As we mentioned earlier, Ace-Robbins delivers an ultra-low-sulfur heating oil that’s cleaner and more efficient than traditional heating oil. It’s good for your budget and the environment. It should also help your heating system last longer and need fewer repairs.

The Benefits of Using Heating Oil

Now that you know what heating oil is, let’s explore some of the benefits it offers:

Count on Ace-Robbins

At Ace-Robbins, we keep up with the latest developments in heating fuel and equipment to best serve our customers.

And from Bradford to Wyoming county, from Lackawanna to Luzerne, and from Susquehanna to Sullivan, we offer our customers high-quality fuel and quick and reliable service.

If you haven’t already, make Ace-Robbins your heating oil provider and enjoy the benefits of using superior ultra-low-sulfur heating oil.

Contact Ace-Robbins today for more information or to schedule your next heating oil delivery.