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How Much Power Do My Appliances Use?

Written on: August 13, 2021

home appliances pennsylvaniaAs the peak of summer arrives here in PA, you’ll probably find your electric bill spiking with temperatures. That makes sense, considering that about half your electric use comes from running your home cooling system your home during the dog days of summer.

But where does the rest of the bill come from?

The simple answer to that question is that it comes from running the rest of the appliances in your home. Since some devices consume more electricity than others, it’s a good idea to learn how much energy is used to run common appliances.

Check out this list, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy:

Appliance kWh Estimated annual cost
TV (40”or larger) 234 $41.00
Refrigerator 225 $78.84
Washing machine 255 $9.55
Dryer 2790 $104.46
Air conditioner 3500 $480.00

As you can see, the kilowatt hours can add up quickly. The question is, what can you do to keep them as low as possible? Here are some tips.

Washing Machines and Dryers

With even the most efficient models of each installed, you could be paying more than $100 a year in electricity just to keep your clothes clean.

To reduce energy use when washing and drying laundry,

The average refrigerator uses an estimated 657 kWh of electricity a year, typically costing you $80 or more per year to run. By maximizing your refrigerator’s efficiency, you can take a bite out of your energy bill.

Here’s how.

Central Air Conditioning

The average three-ton air conditioner operates at around 3.5 kWh while in use; if you run it for nine hours a day during the summer, it would cost you nearly $500 per year.

To reduce your air conditioning bills,

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