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Tips To Avoid Indoor Heat Stroke

Written on: August 1, 2016

air conditioning service company Wilkes-Barre PA Modern life has afforded us the comfort provided by air conditioning systems. However, with warm weather getting warmer and temperatures reaching dangerous levels, many of us are still susceptible to the dreaded condition known as heat stroke.
Although heat stroke often happens outdoors, it could also afflict anyone indoors especially during times when they engage in physical activities during warm weather. This is where a problem could occur. Ace-Robbins, a air conditioning service company Wilkes-Barre PA, shares some insight on what to do to avoid indoor heat stroke and the associated symptoms of indoor heat stroke.
Believe it or not, people have suffered from heat stroke under their own roofs. Some are more susceptible, such as young children and the elderly, although even healthy individuals could become affected. By far the easiest way to avoid heat stroke is to stay in a cool, comfortable environment. This will help bring the body temperature to a safe level and prevent stress.
To keep you and your family safe from indoor heat stroke, here are tips to consider:

Keep The A/C Running

To keep temperatures down, having an air conditioning system running at certain hours of the day is recommended. A good upgrade is central air conditioning because this will ensure a consistently cool, comfortable environment throughout the house.

Do Not Over Exert

It is a good idea to be aware of safety precautions to avoid suffering from indoor heat stroke. Avoid performing stressful activities when temperatures are high. Over exertion can be a risky step, particularly if you suffer from certain health conditions.

Keep Hydrated

A hot environment causes you to lose more fluids when you sweat. To prevent indoor heat stroke, drink more water to stay hydrated. Keep in mind that feeling thirsty is one of the first signs of dehydration, albeit mild. When temperatures are rising, keep a glass of water close so you can sip enough water to cool down.

Wear Light Clothing

Loose, light clothing helps you keep your body temperature at normal levels. If you have to go outdoors, put on a wide-brimmed hat and clothing in colors that will reflect heat. In most cases, it’s better to wear white or light-colored clothes since dark colors tend to absorb and retain heat. If you will be out for a short period of time, keep the air conditioning on so you can cool off immediately upon returning to your home.

Keep Informed

Know the common symptoms of heat stroke. Sometimes, the danger is in ignoring the symptoms or in thinking that it is something else. Heat stroke can cause nausea or a feeling of being lightheaded, increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, chest pain and headache. If you feel nauseous, stop whatever you are doing and rest. Find a cool place and sit on a comfortable chair. Listen to your body. When you feel anything out of the ordinary, find a cool environment and stay there. The room or area does not necessarily have to be bone-chillingly cold to keep you safe, but if you have a good air conditioning system, put it to work to keep your environment cool. Make sure to inform other family members as well, especially during the summer months when temperatures soar.

Have a Dependable Air Conditioning System

A dependable air cooling system can help ensure comfort and safety throughout your home. Look for a system that is not only reliable but also a good fit for the size and design of your home. This will help ensure its efficiency and dependability. Plus, you are assured of cost savings over the long term. Work with a reputable HVAC contractor to help you decide the type and size of the system you need. Your contractor should also be able to offer reliable after sales support.
There are certain luxuries you can do without but for the safety and health of your family, do not skimp on comfort. A cool home is not only comfortable, it can also help you lead a healthy, happy life.

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Air Conditioning Service Company Wilkes-Barre PA

You can avoid not only feeling uncomfortable this summer by following these tips but you can also avoid experiencing indoor heat stroke as well. This is why it is important to have your air conditioner working efficiently and effectively. Some people go through the entire summer limiting the amount that they use their air conditioner due to high cooling costs. However, an A/C unit that is not tuned up, costs more to run and it does a bad job at keeping your house cool. It actually costs less to tune up your air conditioner than it does to run a poorly maintained unit. This is why it is always best to get an air conditioning tune-up annually so that you can keep comfortable all summer long.
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