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Considerations When Hiring A Heating And Cooling Expert

Written on: May 28, 2017

image of an air conditioner repair and HVAC contractor in Meshoppen PAEvery homeowner needs to find a reputable and highly trained air conditioning technician. This is due to the fact that their HVAC system is quite complex and requires regular tune-ups, check-ups and repairs.
Unfortunately, many homeowners face some challenges when looking for the right technician for their air conditioning repair or maintenance needs. Many homeowners claim that it is hard to find one because they are unsure of what they are looking for. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a heating and cooling expert:
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Training And Certification

You need to ensure that your technician has the relevant industry-specific training. Additionally, he or she must have acquired a certification from respective state certification boards. Since certifications vary from state-to-state, you need to know the regulations in the state that you live in. However, there are nation-wide certification regulations that will apply to all technicians regardless of the state in which they practice. For example, all technicians receive an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification issued after passing an EPA approved examination. Only consider a technician who has at least the minimum state insurance coverage.

Continuous Education

Technicians who continuously update their education are aware of the current industry trends such as energy efficiency. In addition, continued education allows technicians to be updated on the most recent regulations governing their practice. Technicians who are not updated on current issues in air conditioning are out of touch with the industry requirements and standards which will directly impact your home if you were to hire them.
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AC unitIt is advisable to hire only experienced HVAC technicians who have a considerable amount of hands-on experience. Technicians are required to have a specified period of experience before they get the kind of certification needed by certain states. Ask whether the technician is full-time or part-time. Part time technicians are less experienced compared to full-time technicians since their ideal day has fewer hours. So, be sure to consider this factor first. When evaluating the amount of experience, be sure to consider the actual man hours spent. Do not focus on the calendar years one has been working as a technician.
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For beginners, experience is completely different from expertise. Expertise refers to the skill of a technician. It varies from one technician to another. You can find out the expertise of your technician by checking the recommendations and testimonials from online reviews from people who have had an experience with the professional. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a good online rating platform from which you can check or ascertain the expertise of a technician. Although expertise comes with higher prices, you pay for what you get in return.


Reputation is the track record that clients have with the technician. Some of the things to look for include the ability to communicate, attention to detail, honesty, and the level of professionalism. A cooling technician with a good reputation has the ability to create and maintain lasting customer relationships with his or her clients. You can always ask for references as well. A reputable HVAC contractor will gladly give you some. Check the references to be sure of the technician’s reputation.

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When retaining an air conditioner technician, be sure to review all the above. This includes experience, expertise, continuous education, training, and certification. Do not base your evaluation of the HVAC contractor on the price of the service since price may sometimes not reflect the quality of service you will receive in return.
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