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8 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know About

Written on: July 10, 2017

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With regular air conditioner maintenance, you can significantly improve the overall safety, efficiency, and performance of this important equipment. This is a great way to keep everyone in the home comfortable. It also helps avoid massive repair bills because it prevents mechanical malfunctions throughout the hottest portions of the year. This article covers 8 AC maintenance tips that every household should perform during the summer and spring.
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1. Filter Cleaning And Replacement

air filter replacementAt least once every month, take the time to inspect your air filters. When they look dirty, clean or replace them as required. At the very least, your air conditioner filter needs to be changed once every three months or every 90 days. It is possible that the filter will require a replacement more often if you happen to have very dusty indoor air or household pets. By changing or cleaning your AC filters, you can extend the lifetime of your air conditioning equipment. This also limits the amount of energy that your household consumes by as much as 2/5.

2. Spend More To Get A Quality Filter

Be sure to invest in filters that are well-made. Go for reputable brands and choose options that are baffled or pleated. You can get the absolute best results with electrostatic filters. These filters are capable of intercepting particles that are especially small. Think about purchasing a HEPA filter. These options are great for people who suffer from asthma or respiratory allergies. Buying several filters at once is also a great way to cut your A/C maintenance costs.

3. Get Annual Tune-ups For Your Air Conditioner

Make an appointment to have your air conditioner tuned up each spring. However, even if you forget to schedule one in the spring, it is never too late. Schedule one as soon as possible. An AC tune-up is a very important service. It diminishes your month to month energy consumption by up to 1/6. It makes this equipment far more efficient overall. This is also going to increase the length of time that your air conditioner lasts. Your unit might remain in service for seven to eight additional years if it’s tuned up annually. Always be sure to hire a reputable AC expert.
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4. Clean Indoors

To optimize the efficiency of your cooling system, while dramatically boosting the quality of your indoor air, you need to regularly clean the air conditioner vents that are located inside of your home. Get rid of any dirt, dust, and other debris that has collected. Keep in mind that this should be done once each month for optimal results.

5. Keep The Air Vents Open

keep your air vents open and ACKeep no fewer than four out of five of the AC vents inside of your home open. It is better to leave all of them open. To limit both your maintenance needs and your energy use, you might be closing these off in rooms that are unoccupied. This, however, can place a considerable amount of stress on the air conditioning unit if too many air vents are shut. Keeping vents closed can also boost your energy spending as the result of the additional stress.

6. Clean Outdoors

Once each week, look for debris in and around your AC unit. Take a look at the top of this equipment and inspect each side. Get rid of any leaves, sticks, dead insects, pollen or grass. This is a form of routine cleaning reduces any obstructions that affect the energy efficiency of your system.

7. Check For Sufficient Clearance

Never store or place anything within two feet of your outside air conditioning equipment. For instance, this is not the place to store your wheelbarrow or plant a bush. Always keep nearby shrubs and trees well-trimmed. This promotes better airflow and ensures overall safety.

8. Devices For Safety

Even though air conditioning systems are a lot safer than most appliances, they sometimes cause fires and the may release harmful carbon monoxide into the home. Be sure to install new batteries into alarms for smoke and CO. These devices should be tested before the start of the summer. They should also be replaced once they start to fail.

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image of air conditioning tune-up in kingston paWhile there’s definitely some spending and effort involved in these maintenance tasks, they can help you save a considerable amount of money over time. Regular maintenance also protects resident health and keeps people comfortable throughout the summer. Be sure to connect with a professional HVAC technician whenever this system starts malfunctioning.
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