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A Shady Deal for You (and a Great Way to Keep Your A/C Happy)

Written on: May 31, 2018

House window awnings
Experts say this summer is going to be a scorcher – which means that your air conditioners will have to work overtime to keep your home or office space comfortable (a good reason to get your A/C serviced now, if you haven’t already).
But apart from giving it a little pre-season TLC, there is one way to take a load off your air conditioner in the coming months (literally): by adding Aristocrat Awnings or Sun Shades to the exterior of your home or business.
These high quality light-blocking solutions will reduce the cooling load in your space, taking some of the pressure off your A/C on the hottest days of the year. Of course they’ll also block rain and UV rays, too – better for your outdoor parties and your skin.
Ace-Robbins features the full line of weather-fighting, low-maintenance Aristocrat products, including:

Our experts will help you choose from a range of models and materials to find just the right awning or canopy for your home or commercial space, then get it installed quickly and correctly so you can start enjoying your new-found shade and curb appeal right away.
Throw some shade on your deck, patio, or entryway this summer with a top-quality awning or canopy from Aristocrat – professionally installed by the expert techs at Ace-Robbins! Contact us today to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on an awning installation for your Pennsylvania home or business.