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Is Your Central Air System Ready?

Written on: March 21, 2022

Spring is just around the corner

a/c tune up pennsylvaniaWe’ve already enjoyed some beautifully mild days in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Warmer weather will soon be here to stay, and that means you’ll soon be relying on your central air system to keep things comfortably cool in your home.

Chances are you’re more than ready for a warm-up in the weather. The question is, how about your central air system? Is it ready for spring and warmer weather?

At Ace-Robbins, we offer maintenance and service plans that will keep your central air system in great working order.

Why is maintenance important?

Preventative maintenance for your home comfort systems increases their longevity. Industry research shows that four out of every five equipment failures could have been prevented if regular maintenance had been performed. Don’t get caught off guard with an equipment failure that could affect your household’s comfort. Now is the time to get on top of your air conditioning maintenance.

When should you get maintenance?

The best time to schedule an annual cooling tune-up with Ace-Robbins is now, before the heat of summer starts really taxing your cooling system. In addition to reducing the risk of a breakdown and extending the life of your equipment, regular maintenance maintains the efficiency of your air conditioning system. An air conditioning system that is running efficiently costs less to operate. So, paying for maintenance now will help you save money all summer long.

What’s included in a maintenance visit?

When one of Ace-Robbin’s trained technicians performs a tune-up of your air conditioning system, they’ll do the following and more:

  1. Clean your condenser coils.
  2. Check the coolant level.
  3. Inspect the ductwork.
  4. Check your blower belt.

In short, we’ll make sure your system won’t let you down when the weather really heats up this summer.

Bet on the Ace

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