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8 Easy Tips For Increased Energy Efficiency During The Summer

Written on: May 9, 2016

energy-efficiencyMost homeowners are on the constant search to find ways to conserve energy and cut down on costs, especially during the summertime. Fortunately there are many things that a homeowner can do to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing the use of energy in their home. Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that they are spending more on energy costs than necessary without having to compensate the comfort of their home. There are energy conservation methods that are extremely easy to follow but it is a matter of changing small things around the house. Below we have provided 8 tips that will help you conserve energy in your home and significantly cut costs.

Keep Warm Air From Coming Into Your House

Cracks in building materials and other openings can let hot air seep into the home, forcing your air conditioner to work a lot harder in order to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors. Learn more about air sealing for new and old homes, perform a comprehensive inspection of the entire building structure and take advantage of caulk and weather stripping to thoroughly seal any gaps or openings in the walls or around the doors and windows.

Make Sure That Your Thermostat Is Functioning Efficiently

Keeping the difference between temperatures outdoors and indoors as low as you can will lower your monthly energy bill by quite a bit and with minimal effort on your part. You can do this by setting the thermostat at a reasonably high temperature, so long as you and all other household residents remain comfortable once the thermostat setting has been raised. When you aren’t at home, set your thermostat to keep the home a bit warmer by only lowering it to approximately 78F or 26C. When you’re in the house, you may be tempted to lower the thermostat setting a bit more than you usually do when turning the air conditioner back on. This, however, is something that you should avoid because it won’t expedite the cooling process but it will significantly increase your energy bill.

Put The Dishwasher To Use

A lot of people think that they’re increasing their overall energy efficiency by washing the dishes by hand. Surprisingly, however, using the dishwasher can actually help you save a lot of energy. You can save more energy by turning the dry cycle off and allowing the dishes to air dry.

Be Careful With Your Appliance Use

In addition to increasing your energy efficiency, it can also reduce your spending on power. If you can, try not to use appliances between peak hours of 4 pm to 6 pm or when a declaration of electricity emergency has been made. It is possible to reduce your home energy use by up to four percent by using only the warm or cold settings on your washing machine for washing and rinsing your laundry in cold water. On warm, sunny days, put your clothes out on the laundry line to sun dry. If using your dryer is a must, only run it when the machine is full, use the moisture-sensing feature and always keep the lint trap clean.

Lower Water Heating Costs

Approximately 18 percent of the energy that your household uses is for heating water and you can limit your spending here by switching to the 120F or warm setting. In the warm months of summer, it isn’t necessary to have piping hot water for showers and baths and thus, this is a very effective way to increase your energy efficiency throughout the year.

Add More Attic Insulation

When the weather grows warmer, warm outside air is constantly on the search for cooler spaces to move into and the cool interior of your abode is a primary target. If your attic lacks proper insulation, this warm air can simply enter your property via the roof. So, if you currently have attic insulation with a rating of R-19 or lower, think about switching up to an option that’s rated R-30 or higher.

Assess The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Air Conditioner

If you’re living in a home that’s 20 years old or older, it’s probably time to start assessing the benefits of upgrading your air conditioner to a unit with a much greater level of energy efficiency. This is also true if you have a new home but live in an extreme climate, such as in a desert climate. Look for systems that cost less to operate and that have energy-approved, program standards. Keep in mind, however, that this will vary from one location to the next, so the area in which you live will largely determine the type of home cooling equipment you should invest in.

Light-colored Roofs

Reduce the strain on your air conditioner by having a light-colored roof installed. Certain home improvements can dramatically increase your energy efficiency and the roof is the absolute best place to get started. In the summer, having a light-colored roof is a lot like people choosing to wear loose, light clothes in high temperatures to stay cool. Your cooling system has to use a lot more energy and work a lot harder to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures when the outside heat is coming into the building via the roof. The typical roof can get as hot as 150F when summer temperatures are extreme, but if there is a light-colored roof in place, this same temperature can be lowered by as much as 50 percent! Thus, investing in a light-colored roof will limit the strain on your home cooling system, which will in turn, dramatically reduce your home energy bill throughout the summer months.

These eight ways of conserving energy can really make a huge difference. Even if you pick out a few out of the eight, you will see a major difference on your electric bill. By following these tips, you will reduce the amount of energy that is used while keeping your home cool and comfortable during the summertime.
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