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Avoid Common HVAC Scams

Written on: March 20, 2017

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Every industry is susceptible to scams and the HVAC industry is one of the latest to fall foul to fraudsters. It is important to hire professional contractors to service heating, cooling and ventilation units. This will prevent unscrupulous contractors from taking advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. In an emergency, it is all too easy for shady HVAC engineers pray on people. In the depth of winter or at the height of summer, scam heating engineers know people are ready and willing to pay over the odds to repair their system.

Most Common Heating & Cooling Scams

image of how to avoid scams with professional heating and cooling services Scranton PATake note of these common HVAC scams to ensure you don’t fall prey to such a crime. Dishonest contractors are interested only in the money, not the repair. Here are a few of the most common HVAC scams practiced this year:

HVAC Companies Make Good Profit On Large HVAC Units

Some homeowners install big heating and cooling systems hoping that bigger means better, however, that may not be true. Large HVAC units are costly to buy and expensive to run, so be wary of a contractor who tries to sell you the biggest heating and cooling unit.
Certain factors are taken into account when replacing a new HVAC system. For example the contractor should consider square footage, number of windows and doors, orientation to the sun and local climate. A reputable contractor will use the Manual J calculation to size the unit to the home.
Oversize systems switch on and off more often and raise energy bills. Contact the contractor and ask him to size your home, walk way if he says this isn’t necessary. Common sense should tell you this is one of the common scams.

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The Contractor Recommends Using Second-Hand Parts

Steer clear of technicians who just happen to have a second-hand part. Used parts are less costly than new components, but they wear faster and cost more money in the long term.
Watch the engineer at work to ensure he fits a new part. Some heater and cooling technicians claim to replace components, but leave the faulty one in place.
Ask for a written guarantee before you agree to the repairs to ensure the HVAC unit works perfectly afterwards.

The HVAC Contractor Replaces A Good Part

This is one of the most popular scams going. The technician removes the so-called worn part, shows it to you and states it must be replaced. Contact a different contractor to ask for a second opinion if you have doubts. Your HVAC system could have been working perfectly beforehand, so why does the unit suddenly need a new part?

Protect Yourself From HVAC Scams

It is important to deal with a reliable and trustworthy contractor, a company you can bond with. Ask family and friends to recommend an HVAC firm and always ask for a reference before buying a new heating system and air conditioner. Vet the contractor and check the firm with the Better Business Bureau.
Ask for a written guarantee and use a credit card to pay for repairs and purchases. Paying by credit card offers protection under the Fair Credit Billing Act.

Professional HVAC Services Scranton PA

No one can avoid HVAC scams unless they know what to look for. The simplest and best way to avoid being ripped off is to hire a well-established HVAC contractor. Check online reviews to ensure the company is sound. Unsatisfied customers may have written negative reviews, so steer clear and search for a trusted trader. It isn’t wise to hire an HVAC contractor with a sketchy past. Find a reputable heating and cooling company, like Ace-Robbins, and stick with them to avoid being scammed.
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