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Reduce Energy Costs: Planting Trees

Written on: April 17, 2017

air conditioning unit annual tune-up in Wilkes-Barre PAConserving energy is important to many individuals in this day and age. This is likely because it not only helps homeowners save money, but is also good for the planet. A hot, humid summer can be the worst enemy of any home’s HVAC system. When a house is in the blazing sunlight throughout the day, its air conditioner is working harder than normal. This is particularly true in the afternoon. Strategically planting a tree or two to offer the home some shade is a great way to conserve energy. It not only makes the dwelling more beautiful, it also reduces air conditioning costs.

Planting Trees In A Suitable Direction

Giving thought to direction is essential when planting a tree or several trees to shade a dwelling. The most important sides of the home are the west and southwest. These sides that receive the most afternoon sun. Creating shade in the easterly direction is not as critical.
The most appropriate choice for those who live in the South are trees that keep their leaves throughout the year. This is because southern properties are exposed to warm weather year-round. In northern regions on the other hand, afternoon sun can help keep the dwelling warm throughout winter. Therefore, deciduous trees are a wise choice for homes in the north. As one might suspect, a strategically planted row of evergreens can efficiently shield a house from strong winter winds. Subsequently, it helps homeowners save money and energy.

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How Trees Can Benefit An Outdoor HVAC Unit

Shade is also advantageous in certain areas surrounding the home’s air conditioning unit. For example, some thoughtfully arranged trees can block direct sunlight in this area. This lowers the temperature of the air being sucked into the unit. Additionally, water evaporating from nearby leaves helps to cool the air surrounding the unit. This in turn helps the HVAC system work more efficiently, which ultimately lowers energy costs. Nevertheless, it is essential to avoid planting low hanging evergreens and shrubs too close to the unit, as this can have a negative effect on the system’s proper air flow.
The more shade each tree creates, the more the dwelling is protected from the sun. Therefore, a full-grown tree offers more advantages to the home than a young tree that is not yet grown to maturity. Ideally, trees that reach heights of 25 feet or more need be placed approximately ten to 20 feet west of the home to ensure optimum, energy-conserving shade. Trees planted immediately to the west of the dwelling create shade that extends over the home. However, trees positioned to the southwest of the house do not offer direct shadows unless branches eventually cover parts of the home.
If the HVAC unit or home itself is located near paved areas, trees can be positioned to shade the pavement, which will help protect the house from summer heat. This is because pavement is typically made from asphalt, the latter of which heats up significantly when the sun is shining. Any tree that offers shade to areas featuring asphalt will ultimately help lower air conditioning costs.
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Researching Various Tree Types

Before planting any kind of tree, research should be conducted regarding its height in order to avoid choosing overly large trees. It is always wise to plant trees a reasonable distance from power lines, outbuildings and paved areas to avoid damage caused by branches and roots. To keep trees appropriately sized, careful pruning is also important.

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To ensure a home remains as energy efficient as possible, regular air conditioning checkups need to be scheduled. This ensures that problems are caught before they become major repairs. A shade tree or two can add value to virtually any dwelling, while simultaneously lowering energy costs, which is a win-win situation for essentially any homeowner.
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