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Have Your Cooling System Maintained Regularly In The Spring

Written on: May 1, 2017

air conditioner maintenanceThe key to extending the life of most home systems is proper maintenance. Think of it this way, you would not dream of allowing your valuable vehicle to go 200 thousand miles without giving it an oil change now would you?

There Is No Better Time Than Now To Set An Appointment

The same way that you take care of your car, there is no better time than spring to budget for and schedule a tune up for your air conditioner. Maintenance appointments are surprisingly simple and quick, but they are important when it comes to preventing minor issues from becoming major expenses in the future.
Also, by planning ahead for a spring tune up to your A/C unit, you will be skipping long wait times which characterize peak season maintenance.
It should surprise no one that preventative AC maintenance and cleanliness are important factors for keeping your cooling system operating safely and efficiently. When your AC is operating efficiently, you will save money over time while enjoying lower energy bills.
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Tuning Up An Air Conditioner Is No Do-It-Yourself Task

It is always best to leave tune ups to the professionals. To receive comprehensive HVAC services, you should schedule an appointment with a certified professional technician. Assuming you are not a trained technician, the truth is that trying to tune up your own A/C may actually cause damage or failure of the system.

What Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Involve?

image of professional air conditioner maintenance in Scranton PATo begin with, trained AC professional technicians are experienced in tracking down problems in the making. They inspect and thoroughly clean the air conditioning unit while they are servicing it. During this process, they look for any signs that wear and tear can be prevented. This alone has the potential to save on expensive future repairs.
As HVAC professionals go about their business of tuning up the system during annual tune ups, they use a special cleaning solution to clean all parts of the unit, including the coils and motor. This keeps this important equipment in top shape.
Dirt and greasy buildup can harm moving parts of your A/C, so this cleaning is vital. The unit can also be stained by grimy build up which also affects its performance. You can extend the life of your cooling system by having it cleaned at least once each year.
Although a good cleaning is a vital maintenance step, it is not all that is done during a yearly tune up. The following actions will also be taken by the technician:

Schedule An Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Here are some additional tips that are equally as important as professional care:

Air Conditioner Tune-up Service Scranton PA

Don’t put off calling to schedule spring maintenance for your AC. A call today can mean you will save time and money and receive great performance from your air conditioner. Regular tune ups are vital for all units regardless of their age whether new or old.
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